My name is Amleya Clarke and welcome to my website.

I'm a Barbados-based artist with a love of photography, high-end image retouching, creative directing and film-making. Currently I specialize in commercial, beauty, fashion, portraiture, event and fine art photography and image retouching.

Commercial photography
I consider myself a visual storyteller. In my commercial work I value the opportunity to collaborate with you and your team to deliver high quality and carefully crafted imagery that tells the story of your brand, communicates the style and culture of your company, resonates with your target market and relates the attraction of your products and services. I have a passion for creating images that are contemporary in aesthetic, timeless and distinctive in style and highly refined in quality. In my work I love to draw on my experiences in fine art, performance art, creative direction and cinematography to create customised imagery and marketing products that are engaging and effective.
Portrait Photography
For my portraiture clients, I look forward to showcasing your unique personality and style through customized photoshoots and imagery that captures you at your most flattering. I am passionate about creating images that you will feel proud and empowered by and I relish the opportunity to capture memories and moments that you and your loved ones with cherish for generations. My photography style is timeless and stylish and I strive to ensure every photoshoot is a fun and memorable experience.
I want to invite you to a personal and customised portrait shoot, I want look into your eyes and see your unique beauty,  inside and out, I want to get to know you and capture your essence in a portrait. It is my life's work to capture the beauty, poise and confidence that's within each woman. It's not your job to be photogenic, it's my job to guide you and light you in the most flattering way and take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself. It is my honour to design a photoshoot experience that you enjoy and create images you feel proud of, photos that you and your loved ones will cherish for generations. Your photos are a treat to yourself and a contribution to your legacy. Are you ready to make the investment? Give me a call at 249-1093 or email me at
About me:
25 years old, female, British-Barbadian, island girl, natural hair, beach loving entrepreneur fueled by my passion to create and my commitment to being a positive influence in the world.
I see myself as more than a photographer, I am a storyteller, a day-dreamer, a creative collaborator, a plan-maker and an artist. I am captivated by light and shadows, colour, texture and most of all emotion.
From a young age I've always been into creative arts, I pursued dance and fine art. I cherish moments that evoke emotion, that capture life, and imagery that portrays an idea and feeling. I love various aesthetics and styles and I felt the instinctual urge to make the act of creating through imagery part of my life and career.  It has motivated me to ditch my prior journey towards attaining a legal career to embrace the multi-faceted career of a creative entrepreneur. I love the opportunity it provides to not just conceptualize and bring an idea to life, but also utilize skills in business, communication and psychology to maximize the impact and relevance of each piece in the world.
Currently I work as a professional freelance photographer. I own my own business and also work as a second shooter and photography assistant for other photographers and studios. After graduating from university, I've furthered my education in photography, business and most recently film-making.
Read more about me and gain insight into my approach to the technical side of photography in this feature of the Barbados Photographic Society's "Behind the Lens" series:
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