Meet Amleya
pronounced Am-lee-yah
My name is Amleya Clarke and welcome to my little spot on the web.
I'm a Barbados-based content creator & collaborator with a love for creating engaging & impactful imagery.
My team & I have a passion for creating imagery that is customised, contemporary & captivating.

We help personal, corporate & community brands share their value-adding products, services and activities to their network and beyond using impactful imagery & resonating visual communication.
Brand Portraits
Professional Headshots
Lifestyle Advertising Photography
Product Photography
Home Design & Real Estate Photography
Eats & Treats
Corporate Events
Cocktail Parties & Soirées
PR/Press events
Multi-Media Content Creation
1-on-1 Photo/Video training

We support families in documenting their legacy,
cherishing their memories and celebrating their love for each other.
Family Portraits
Family Events
Weddings & Vow Renewals
Over the last 10 years, we've had the pleasure of providing photography services to many large and small brands, communities, families & individuals. We've been happy to serve clients from a multitude of diverse demographics & backgrounds. We aim to create a welcoming and safe space for every age, size, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, culture, and ability.

All our clients, portrait subjects & collaborators are all rock stars in our eyes but some special mentions include:
the Caribbean Development Bank, Scotiabank, Fortress Fund Managers, West Jet Magazine, the Barbados Independent Film Festival (BIFF), Minister Lisa Cummins, Lisa Gale Consulting, TEN Habitat, the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation, the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES), Sol Caribbean Ltd, Sagicor Life Inc., Altman Real Estate, Berger Paints, the Nation Publishing, Islandista Magazine, Zeitgeist Entertainment & Honey Jam Barbados.
I believe collaboration is the name of the game. I'm not here to compete, I'm here to create & make the world a better place. I love the opportunity to provide support services to the productions of my fellow creative producers.
I've had the pleasure to join forces for local and international jobs with Barbados' top production companies & production facilitators as well as with a special few small boutique photography & videography teams. Special mentions to:
Parachute Film Studios Ltd. (where I've worked as fixer, production coordinator, 2nd assistant director, location manager, location scout, behind the scenes photographer and production assistant on various projects).
13 Degrees North Productions Inc. (I've worked as photographer, retoucher, & production assistant on various projects)
Zeitgeist Entertainment (where I've worked as photographer & videographer on various projects including nationally aired Zeitgeist TV).
Kevin Bowen Productions (with whom I've worked as video camera operator & photographer on several projects)
Magical Moments / Steve Cumberbatch (with whom I've worked as photography second shooter & photo assistant).
Andrew Browne Photography (with whom I've worked as photography second shooter & photo assistant).

Ask about our new sister brand offering monthly content creation for social-savvy personal and business brands.
I see myself as more than a photographer...
I am a storyteller, a dreamer, a creative collaborator, a plan-maker and an artist.
I am captivated by light and shadows, colour, texture and most of all emotion. I love a well executed production and I relish showcasing the personality and style of individuals, communities and brands.
From a young age I was always interested in creative pursuits; I studied dance & visual art and was enthralled at the way visuals could so potently influence emotion, impact lives and be a universal communication tool.  In 2009, I got my first DSLR camera and started learning the art and business of  photography. From there I took a number of short courses, interned, assisted, teamed up with other creatives and eventually also started producing and managing my own projects & commissions. Along the way I've been developing my passions and skills in image retouching, production management, film-making, branding and communications. 
One of the things I love about being a creative producer is  the opportunity it provides to not just conceptualize and bring an idea to life, but also utilize skills in business, communication and psychology to maximize the impact and relevance of each piece in the world. Through this work, I have had the pleasure of meeting & getting to know so many people, some of whom have become great friends and creative partners.
When I'm not working, you'll usually find me out and about looking for my next inspiration and jamming to some tunes. Or perhaps digging deep into a business or self-development podcast, audio book or workshop. You may also find me attending workshops, enjoying a beach day, or binging on the latest Netflix dramas - though I prefer to call it film-making research ;)
I've been blessed to be interviewed by Karen Rollins of Yello and featured by the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme’s YES Magazine and their nationally aired “Living the Dream” TV programme. I've also had the pleasure of being featured by the Barbados Photographic Society (BPS) for their 2015 Behind the Lens series and given the opportunity to share my journey and business lessons with attendants of one of TEN Habitat's Start-Up Bootcamps.
Let's be friends @AmleyaClarkePhotography
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