Snap Happy Content​​​​​​​
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A mix of photos, video, gifs & copy that’s perfect for your social media storytelling.
Our Snap Happy Content service takes the approach of current social media trends for less polished but highly engaging and relatable content production. For this, we love to mix our professional equipment and techniques with mobile tech and on-the-fly editing. This service is great for start-ups and influencers on a budget or as a complimentary service for the immediate social media storytelling needs of bigger brands.
This service is perfect for brand events, launches and highlighting the experiences of using your brands’ products and services.
Story Lite
Simple content creation formatted for stories.
$40 for the 1st hour and $12.50 per hour after

Social Story Plus
Content creation formatted for PR and multi-platform use.
$150 per hour

Social Story Premium
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* Pricing includes non-exclusive commercial license
Terms of Service
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our standard service & product policies apply.
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last updated 29th July 2019
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