Commercial License Rates
Prices quoted in Barbados Dollars
Standard License Options
Non-Exclusive Use (Web & Print)
Discounted for brands local to Barbados:
LL1 - Local Start-up - $30
LL2 - Local Solopreneur - $50
LL3 - Local Small Business - $75
LL4 - Local Medium - Large Business - $100

Standard Rate (for regional/international companies):
SL1 - Web &  Print - $150
Semi-Exclusive Use
SL2 - Web Only - $200
SL3 - Print Only - $200
SL4 - Web & Print - $300
Exclusive Use
SL5 - Web Only - $350
SL6 - Print Only - $350
SL7 - Web & Print - $550
Customised licenses can be negotiated upon request.
About our License Terms
The license granted allows The Client (as identified in the service agreement) to use the Artwork for commercial use. The term commercial use includes the use and display of the Artwork for promotional, branding and advertising objectives.
The license granted is for an unlimited duration and is not restricted by location.
Further rights and limitations conferred by the license is indicated by the following terms included in the license title and described here.
i. non-exclusive means The Company retains all rights to the Artwork including portfolio and promotional use.
ii. semi-exclusive means The Company relinquishes all rights to sub-license the Artwork to any other entity and agrees not to include Artwork for any portfolio use until after Client has displayed Artwork to the public (i.e. published in a released advertisement or promotional material, posted online on social media or website).
iii. exclusive means only The Client has permission to use and display the Artwork. The Company relinquishes all rights to sub-license or display the Artwork.
iv. web use means the license applies to online commercial use of the Artwork (e.g. use in app, website, social media, email and online advertisements).
v. print use means the license applies to printed use of the Artwork (e.g. brochures, posters, printed magazine/newspaper, banners).
vi. Small business refers to a business with 10 or less employees/partners.
vii. Medium/large business refers to a business with more than 10 employees/partners.
For the purposes of this agreement, portfolio use includes but is not limited to The Company's website, social media, printed portfolio and promotional materials (including brochures).
In the event that The Client is acting on contract for a third party for which the Artwork is intended for, we allow for the option to allow The Client permission to sub-license the Artwork to identified third parties. The Client's right to sub-license is limited to the extent of the license it obtains under this agreement.
By granting the Client a license, this does not equate to the transfer of copyright to the Client. The Company retains copyright and grants Client a license for commercial use.
last updated 26th August 2021
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